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Emerald Risk Transfer is continuously looking at ways to contribute to the dynamic socio-economic transformation of South Africa by focusing on youth development and education as well as supporting initiatives that can benefit from not only financial aid, but from donations, time and attention.

We endeavour to create environmental awareness, education and conservation; with a view to preserve our country’s rich natural heritage. We support a number of different charitable organisations. Dependant on the charity involved and their specific needs, we aim to make a difference by giving a combination of time and effort, physical items or financial aid. We also try to have good old fashioned fun while we are at it!

On a monthly basis, we support four OVC (Orphaned and Vulnerable Children) child-headed families via Africa Food for Thought.  Each family is provided with a food parcel, which generally contains the basic staples required for nutritional survival, although they do try to include items for personal hygiene, clothing, bedding and a few additional treats. 

We also get involved in other events with AFFT throughout the course of the year – for example we collect Easter Eggs and enjoy the joy on the children’s faces as they receive this small but very special treat. Another event we are involved in is the annual Christmas Party. The party hosts around 450 children from the underprivileged areas of the West Rand.  Each child is presented with a Christmas gift, a delicious lunch and a party pack.  There are all sorts of fun activities for the children, including jumping castles, face painting and pop corn machines to name a few.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce

We aim to inspire change in the actions and ways of our colleagues, family and friends to constantly strive for a greener, cleaner and healthier planet.  We also aim to assist and enable communities and individuals to uplift themselves and others. We successfully recycle all of the following:  batteries, ink cartridges, E-Waste, paper, tin, plastic and glass.  We continue to use energy efficient lightbulbs and appliances to name but two.

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