One thing that's absolutely certain about the future is change. At Emerald we are passionately inspired by the diversity, growth and transformation taking place on the African continent.  Emerald first began writing business outside of South Africa in 2005 and from modest beginnings we now have over USD30million in gross written premium in the rest of Africa for 2018.

With a growing list of local and international clients, we are exploring new and exciting opportunities across the African continent. We aim to be the insurer of choice within our specialised areas of business throughout Africa, while remaining committed to contributing to the continent's economic growth and infrastructural development.

Our focus is continuous expansion locally and internationally. This will be achieved by offering our clients innovative solutions that clearly demonstrate our ability to sustain this growth by turning potential challenges into valuable opportunities.

For multinational corporations, up to 25% of the total insured value per additional territory situated outside of Africa can be included.  The current capacity per risk is USD150 million or local currency equivalent on a loss limit basis.

Additional capacity for all territories can be accessed through innovative facilitative reinsurance solutions.  All cover is subject to standard Emerald exclusions.

Emerald has specific underwriting information requirements for consideration of risk acceptance.
Please see our underwriting requirements.

Active Assailant Extension

We offer Active Assailant Extension and Trauma cover Extension under our Binding facility.  For more information please contact us.

Political & Non-Political Riot Wrap

We are able to offer Political and Non-Political Riot Wrap cover throughout Africa. For more information please contact us.

At Emerald we are committed to Contract Certainty and strive for clarity in all of our contractual dealings.

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